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City of Moline, Illinois Named 2022 Clean Fuels Champion by Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation (IACT)

The city, fleet and facilities manager Sarah Mark recognized for operating low-emission vehicles.

CHICAGO, Dec. 7, 2022 – The City of Moline, Illinois has been named a Clean Fuels Champion by the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation (IACT), a statewide nonprofit formerly known as Chicago Area Clean Cites Coalition.

The Illinois alliance, whose mission is to reduce emissions from the transportation sector, recognized the City of Moline and its fleet and facilities manager Sarah Mark with its top award Tuesday evening at its Annual Meeting and Holiday Reception held at Danada House in Wheaton, Illinois.

The City of Moline operates 380 unique pieces of equipment powered by low-emission alternative fuels and technologies. The majority of its medium- and heavy-duty fleet – comprised of specialized on- and off-road equipment, fire and rescue units, refuse haulers, tandems, and snowplows – are powered by B20 biodiesel year-round, with the remainder running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The city also operates its light-duty fleet of cars, trucks, police enforcers, and SUVs on alternative fuels and technologies, including CNG, E85 ethanol, electric (EV), and hybrid powertrains.

“The City of Moline’s fleet and facilities manager Sarah Mark and her team are to be commended,” said John W. Walton, chair, Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation (IACT). “Moline is an example of how a city can operate a fleet responsibly using low-emission vehicles, protecting the air we breathe while serving the community. For their efforts, Moline is a Clean Fuels Champion.”

Over the past 17 years, the City of Moline’s fleet and facilities team, previously under the direction of retired managers J.D. Schulte and Dave Mallum, maintained and expanded their comprehensive alternative fuels program, including the addition of a biobased fleet and facilities program initiated by Mark. In addition to spearheading the city’s transition from a B5 winter blend to year-round B20 fuel, Mark has helped the city implement environmentally friendly soy-based tires and motor oil, as well as other sustainable fleet and facilities products.

Currently, Mark also is investigating the use of E15 ethanol (15% ethanol/85% gasoline), B30 biodiesel (30% biodiesel/70% ULSD), and B100 (100% biodiesel) fuels for their fleet. Another initiative Mark spearheaded, in her role as a facilities professional, was installing high-efficiency LED lighting technologies in public buildings throughout the city. Mark also led efforts to install a radon-mitigation system at city hall.

“Sarah has presented locally and internationally on the benefits of using lower-emission alternative fuels such as biodiesel,” said IACT co-coordinator Angela Tin, who also serves as national senior director of Clean Air Initiatives for the American Lung Association. “Recently, Sarah spoke at our I-80 Clean Fuels Corridor event, while at Western Illinois University’s campus in Moline. Moline’s mayor and public works director highlighted the city’s use of alternative fuels and showcased several clean vehicles operated throughout the community, including a B20-powered tandem truck, CNG-powered tandem truck, hybrid police enforcer, and a fully electric transit bus owned and operated by MetroLINK, the transit authority for the Illinois half of the Quad Cities metro area.

“For these efforts and more, Sarah and the City of Moline deserve recognition as leading fleet operators,” Tin said.

IACT’s Clean Fuels Champion award has been presented annually since 2001 to an individual, organization, or business that champions the promotion of alternative fuels and technologies to reduce vehicle emissions and reduce petroleum usage. Recent recipients include ComEd, Forest Preserves of Cook County, Pace Suburban Bus, American Lung Association, and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

IACT, formerly known as Chicago Area Clean Cities, is one of more than 75 coalitions across the country affiliated with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, which brings together stakeholders to increase the use of alternative fuel and advanced-vehicle technologies, reduce idling, and improve fuel efficiency and air quality. The alliance concentrates its efforts on educating businesses and municipalities throughout Illinois but also helps to advocate for clean transportation nationwide. To become involved, visit

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