Technical Talk with Jim O'Brien

This is a series of articles on alternative sources of energy for transportation. Its purpose is to condense information on this topic for the fleet manager and general user.

Jim O'Brien

Jim O’Brien
Technical Advisor IACT

  • Fuel For Thought - May 31, 2023

    Until recently, when we thought about motor vehicle fuels, we thought simply in terms of gasoline or diesel fuel. These fuels were derived from crude oil and are currently used world- wide. Recently things have become more  complicated with the introduction of several alternative fuels.

  • Gaseous Fuel Alternatives - August 7, 2023

    Did you know that natural gas has been a staple fuel for fleet operations for many years? Even so, only 0.2% of U.S. natural gas production is used for transportation fuel. Natural gas is considered fossil fuel. Eons ago solar energy was captured by plants and stored by geological forces as natural gas, liquid petroleum, and/or solid coal. Recently, renewable natural gas (RNG) has come on the market. It is made from recent plant and animal products, and often waste. And is not considered a fossil fuel. It also does not contribute to greenhouse gas increases.


IACT, formerly known as Chicago Area Clean Cities, is a voluntary, locally based coalition dedicated to reducing emissions from the transportation sector.

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