Divvy Brings Electric Bikes to Chicago in Citywide Bikeshare Program

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Lyft have announced the introduction of new pedal-assist ebikes into the Divvy bike-share system.

Divvy, which is operated by Lyft, started rolling out hundreds of e-bikes last week and will eventually expand to providing 10,500 e-bikes in the program. The e-bikes are designed to make biking easier for people of all abilities and for all distances. An electric motor in the e-bikes gives riders a pedal assist that requires less leg power.

By boosting riders’ own pedal power, Divvy ebikes will make it easier for people of all riding abilities to ride and help people make longer trips with ease. The ebikes can be unlocked using a scannable, contactless QR code in both the Divvy and Lyft apps, or by using a member key. Divvy ebikes have “hybrid” technology, making it possible for the bikes to be parked at designated Divvy docking stations — including new e-stations for ebikes-only — as well as at public bike racks. Parking is made easy by using a built-in cable lock, which will give riders more flexibility and options when biking around the City.

“I’m excited about the addition of ebikes to the Divvy system. This will be a game-changer for bike-share in Chicago, enabling residents to go further, faster with more flexibility,” said CDOT Commissioner Gia Biagi. “It is critical in these times that we provide as many convenient options for Chicagoans to get around, and I believe ebikes offer an entry into biking that will open up new opportunities in a healthy and fun way, putting more of Chicago within reach.”

Divvy riders will have the option to choose a classic blue pedal bike or upgrade to an ebike as part of the program. Ebikes will be priced the same as classic pedal bikes across two-thirds of the Divvy service area, where there is greater distance between stations. In the remaining areas of the service area, where the Divvy station network is already robust, ebike fees will have a per minute fee associated with usage. The cost of the annual memberships, including the Divvy for Everyone equity program, remains the same.

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