Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation and Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. Announce Partnership in the EV Workplace Project

The Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation (IACT) is pleased to announce the first in-state collaboration with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., in the Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness (EMPOWER) Project. Launched formally in 2023, the EMPOWER Project is focused on building a sustainable future through national workplace charging for electric vehicles (EV). This partnership includes outreach, education, and technical assistance to workplaces across the nation, encouraging a shift to electric vehicle use.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. has committed to installing some and more EV chargers at their workplace as a critical component of the EMPOWER Project. This alliance will boost accessibility to electric vehicle charging stations, propelling cleaner air, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting eco-friendly transportation for their employees and community. 

Advantages of the EMPOWER Project:

  • Climate Leadership: Demonstrates commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Employee Attraction & Retention: Modern, green amenities boost job satisfaction and attract eco-conscious talent.
  • Community Inclusion & Equity: Aligns with the Justice40 Initiative

John Walton, Chair, IACT states “Christopher Burke is a valued partner in the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation project and shows a commitment to our organization and to the environment.  We hope that other employers will join with us in this project.”

“Our firm is very excited to be part of this groundbreaking program and further our commitment to the environment and minimize our greenhouse gas emissions and supporting cleaner air,” said Michael Kerr, president of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.

Project Timeline: The project commenced on January 1, 2022, and is projected to conclude in June 2025.

Regional Goals: The IACT, as the regional captain of the North Central region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota), aims to achieve:

  • 135 workplace commitments
  • 108 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) port installations

State Goals for Illinois:

  • 80 workplace contacts
  • 30 workplace commitments
  • 24 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) port installations

For more information about the EMPOWER Project or to express interest in the program, please contact Angela Tin, Co-Director & Board Member, of Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation at Angela.Tin@lung.org or call 217-241-9027. You may also reach out to Tim Millburn, P&L Manager (Green Ways 2Go), Engineering Manager, Product Consultant, and Clean Transportation Consultant (Owner) at tim.milburn@greenways2go.com or call 847-826-3314. Let’s drive together toward a greener, more sustainable future!

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