May 21, 2024 – Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation Day

May 21, 2024, was declared by the Illinois House of Representatives to be Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation Day. The bill was introduced by Rep. Kimberly Du Buclet and all who chose to vote passed the resolution.

Over the past 30 years, IACT has built bipartisan support, advanced clean transportation technologies, and improved energy security and quality of life in Illinois. IACT’s efforts have eliminated an estimated 2.2 million tons of emissions and implemented over 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles and 400 fuel stations. It has also helped school districts adopt low-emission buses and improved equitable access to advanced transportation.

EXCERPT OF RESOLUTION: “WHEREAS, IACT has become one of the most successful Clean Cities coalitions in the country thanks to many federal, state, and local government agencies, auto manufacturers, local car dealers, fuel suppliers, conversion companies, environmental organizations, corporations, small businesses, and individuals providing their time and resources during the 11 past 30 years…”

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