Millennium Garages Launches Largest Public Electric Vehicle Charging Hub in the Midwest

With Public, Private, and Civic Partners, Millennium Garages Expands Charging Access for Chicago Residents, Commuters, Visitors, and Fleet Vehicles

CHICAGO, June 21, 2022 — With more than 70 level-2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers across four integrated parking facilities in downtown Chicago, Millennium Garages has launched the Midwest’s largest public EV charging hub. Data from the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, which includes a national registry of EV chargers, also indicates that Millennium Garages is among the largest public charging hubs in the nation.

Millennium’s charging infrastructure is expanding EV access for area residents, commuters, visitors, and commercial vehicle fleets. Millennium Garages has been an early leader in supporting vehicle electrification, and recent investments have more than doubled the garages’ charging capacity. Additional information and updates on EV charging at Millennium Garages are available at

An integral part of Chicago’s iconic Loop neighborhood, the garages sit between Michigan Avenue and DuSable Lake Shore Drive beneath Grant Park, Millennium, Park, and Maggie Daley Park. Millennium’s four facilities span approximately 12 square city blocks adjacent to the central business district, cultural attractions, theater and music venues, restaurants, hotels, and the Lake Michigan waterfront.

  • Grant Park North Garage – 25 N. Michigan Avenue
  • Grant Park South Garage – 325 S. Michigan Avenue
  • Millennium Park Garage – 5 S. Columbus Drive (west of the entrance ramps)
  • Millennium Lakeside Garage – 5 S. Columbus Drive (east of the entrance ramps)

“Electric vehicles are transforming the transportation industry, and our facilities are at the forefront of that transformation,” said Millennium Garages’ CEO Rick West. “As the Midwest’s largest public EV charging hub, Millennium Garages and partners are positioning ourselves to serve individual and fleet customers for many years to come.”

Each of Millennium Garages’ current chargers delivers enough energy in one hour for an average EV to travel 20-30 miles. This capacity is ideal to meet the needs of most Millennium Garages’ customers, many of whom park for several hours. Currently, EV charging is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and Millennium Garages has created a waitlist for drivers with interest in a new reserved monthly EV charging option. EV charging is currently complimentary with paid parking, as the garages collaborate with customers and partners to raise awareness, launch a sustainable pricing model, and explore additional opportunities.

In collaboration with Chicago’s electric utility ComEd, EV charging equipment providers, civic and commercial partners, and local community organizations, Millennium Garages has embraced EV charging as a key component of its near-term operations and long-term business strategy.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to see Millennium Garages be recognized for its leadership in the EV charging sector,” said Melissa Washington, ComEd’s Senior Vice President of Customer Operations. “Millennium engaged ComEd early in their planning process, and they are anticipating the long-term needs of their growing customer base in Chicago. We look forward to our continued partnership with Millennium Garages and other stakeholders as we work collaboratively to meet the charging needs of drivers in northern Illinois.”

EV chargers at Millennium Garages’ Millennium Park facility at 5 S. Columbus Drive. Millennium Garages is home to more than 70 level-2 EV chargers, making it the largest public EV charging hub in the Midwest.

The garages host charging equipment from multiple EV charging technology and service providers, including EVPassport, ChargePoint, Tesla, FlashParking, and EVBox. By offering a range of charging options, Millennium Garages allows EV owners and facility operators to compare charging platforms, technologies, and user experiences.

“As a regional job creator and clean energy catalyst, vehicle electrification is a top priority for Chicago’s sustainable technology ecosystem,” said Brad Henderson, CEO of P33. “Millennium Garages is leading the way on EV charging infrastructure. Through our work to drive inclusive tech leadership for Chicago and its residents, P33 is glad to work with Millennium Garages’ team and partners to modernize our transportation and energy systems.”

With the return of in-person commerce and tourism following pandemic-related closures, EV charging is an urgent opportunity for Chicago’s downtown business, entertainment, and residential districts.

In supporting Millennium Garages’ EV charging expansion, City of Chicago Alderman Brendan Reilly linked EV infrastructure to Chicago’s tradition of transportation leadership. According to Reilly, “The 42nd Ward is proud to be home to largest regional EV charging hub. Chicago has always been a national leader in transportation – by investing in electric vehicles, Millennium Garages is embracing the next wave of mobility innovation. This investment shows how forward-thinking infrastructure can drive economic growth and improve our city’s quality of life.”

“Millennium Garages serves a large portion of Loop workers, visitors and residents, and the new EV charging capabilities provide access to environmentally friendly steps that are making our city and downtown sustainable for the future,” said Michael Edwards, President and CEO of Chicago Loop Alliance. “As a hub for leisure travelers and commuters, dedicated space for EV charging is a logical necessity for the Loop’s continued success.”

EV charging infrastructure like Millennium Garages is a critical element of statewide, and national efforts to electrify personal and public transportation while delivering environmental and economic benefits.

The State of Illinois has passed groundbreaking legislation – including the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois Act and the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act to foster clean transportation and energy. In April, Chicago’s updated Climate Action Plan reaffirmed the City’s commitment to zero-emission transportation and the electrification of municipal and commercial fleets.

“With Illinois quickly becoming a home for electric vehicle manufacturing, building out the state’s charging infrastructure is a top priority,” said Sylvia I. Garcia, Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. “Having the Midwest’s largest public EV charging hub right in downtown Chicago is a win for residents, commuters, visitors, and our planet.”

As of March 2022, the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center logged approximately 2,400 public EV charging ports at 1,000 locations across Illinois. Just over 700 of those charging ports were in the City of Chicago, with fewer than 80 in the Loop’s core downtown zip codes. Millennium Garages’ current EV charging expansion is a substantial increase in local charging capacity and underscores its national leadership.

“21st century infrastructure is critical to achieving cities’ social, economic, and environmental goals,” according to Jamie Ponce, Millennium Garages’ Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of Civic Infrastructure Collaborative. “Making the most of urban infrastructure requires novel approaches, business models, and partnerships – especially in light of evolving technologies and community needs.”

Millennium Garages is working with Argonne National Labs under the US Department of Energy’s SMART Mobility 2.0 program to understand how mobility systems may evolve in the future, and it also partners with the federal Clean Cities Program’s Chicago Area Clean Cities (CACC) coalition. “CACC encourages the use of clean fuel vehicles, clean fuels, and advanced vehicle technologies to promote an improved environment, energy efficiencies, domestic and renewable fuels, and a reduction in the use of imported petroleum,” said John Walton, CACC Chair. “Electric vehicles have a role in furthering our mission to improve air quality and reduce lung disease.”

Millennium Garages’ EV charging efforts are part of the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a cross-sector effort launched in 2020 to develop technology-enabled infrastructure solutions and to integrate parking more fully into urban transportation systems. The Lab is coordinated by Civic Infrastructure Collaborative, a nonprofit organization with the mission of driving public value from core urban infrastructure through technology and cross-sector partnership. In addition to Millennium Garages, the Lab’s founding members and strategic partners include national parking and mobility technology leader SP+ Corporation, last-mile mobility solutions provider Arrive, the National Parking Association, the International Parking & Mobility Institute, and the City of Chicago.

About Millennium Garages

Millennium Garages is a publicly owned, privately operated infrastructure joint venture that spans 3.8 million square feet in downtown Chicago. Under an exclusive, long-term operating concession, Millennium Garages is using technology and business partnerships to expand its role as a transportation gateway to downtown Chicago. With more than 9,000 parking spaces in four adjacent facilities, Millennium Garages offers daily, monthly, and long-term parking for Chicago commuters, residents, visitors, and fleet customers.

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About Civic Infrastructure Collaborative

Civic Infrastructure Collaborative drives public value from core urban infrastructure through cross-sector partnership and technology-enabled innovation. As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, the Collaborative uses a proven methodology to identify, develop, deploy, and scale inclusive infrastructure solutions. We help infrastructure asset owners, operators, public officials, technology providers, and other stakeholders to deliver economic, social, and environmental returns for the communities they serve.

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About the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab 

The Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab envisions urban parking real estate as a gateway to other transportation modes and commerce. Launched in partnership with Millennium Garages, SP+, Arrive, the National Parking Association, the International Parking & Mobility Institute, and the City of Chicago, the Lab pursues scalable solutions to expand access to public transit and other mobility options, enable smart infrastructure management, and demonstrate other value-added space uses.

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