Ozinga Designs and Constructs Largest CNG Station to Date

Ozinga Energy recently finished station construction on the first compressed natural gas station for National Ready Mixed Concrete Company in Vernon, California. NRMCC, owned by the world’s largest cement producer, National Cement, is an eighth-generation family-owned company founded in 1946 with 11 locations in the Southern California region.

Featuring 50 time-fill hook-ups, it’s the largest station Ozinga Energy – which is based near Chicago in Mokena, Illinois – has ever designed and constructed. In addition to the time-fill posts, it features a retail hi-flow fast-fill dispenser for quick fueling. With this dispenser, compressed natural gas pumps at 25 gallons/minute.

Like other Ozinga Energy stations, most of which currently are in the Midwest, this one runs on renewable natural gas derived from organic matter from dairy farms. Because of its unique properties, renewable natural gas is considered to be carbon negative with a carbon intensity score of around -300 (compared to diesel’s carbon intensity score of around 100). Due to RNG’s negative carbon intensity score, National Ready-Mix running RNG on ready mix concrete trucks, as well as material trucks, actually off-sets the damage done by diesel-fueled vehicles.

The next station is set to begin construction in the next few months in Irwindale, CA. In addition to the station design and construction services that Ozinga Energy has been able to provide, National Ready Mix has also awarded two 10-year maintenance contracts to Ozinga for both Vernon and Irwindale. This station construction and maintenance agreement is the first step in a much larger partnership for National Ready Mix and Ozinga, as well as Ozinga Energy’s presence in the state of California.

To learn more about Ozinga Energy, visit energy.ozinga.com.

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