Scrumptious Stories Showcase Unique Ways Chicago Powers Vehicles

Sport peppers, relish, tomatoes, onions, celery salt and mustard piled high on a poppyseed bun: Those are the ingredients of a world-famous Chicago hot dog.

It is very likely a zero- or low-emission vehicle delivered that delicious bun to a restaurant near you.

These are the kinds of scrumptious stories that we are featuring in the Success Stories section of our website. Clean fuels are used to shuttle people to Midway International Airport and also to transport them up and down the Chicago River.

Cement mixers throughout the Chicago area use low-emission compressed natural gas fuel. Vegetables are transported to the market in low-emissions vehicles from an environmentally friendly facility in Chicago’s famous Back of the Yards Neighborhood.

The City of Chicago has more than 200 vehicles in its fleet powered by ethanol. ComEd has what is likely the largest fleet of biodiesel-powered vehicles in the Midwest, not to mention its plans to electrify its fleet.

Read these stories and more on our website, and make sure to keep up to speed on recent clean-vehicle news by visiting our blog.

Enjoy Reading! 

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